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Reflections on the Common Core

Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Sequence: Anatomy of a
Reading Lesson

Student-Centered Classroom

Vocabulary Teaching and Review

Revealing Student Thinking

Perseverance in the Math Classroom

Persuasive Essay Writing

Choosing the Right Problem

Primary Sources

Primary Sources

Using Maps and Graphs in the Classroom

Sentence Combining

Impacting Student Behavior

Introducing Algebra

Metacognition and Math: Developing an Awareness of Problem-Solving Strategies

Sequencing Student Responses in Whole-Class Discussions

Matter: Physical Properties & Physical Change

Matter: Liquid, Solids, and Gas

Matter: A Progression of Lessons on The Atom

Open-Ended Activities with Visual Patterns

Teacher Leaders in Action – Lesson Planning

The Math Pedagogy of the NYSED Teacher Leaders